5 Really Stunning Beaches in Grenada

La Sagesse Beach in Grenada

We all know that the Caribbean is popular for its beaches, and you look at the photos and think “wow, is this edited?” or wonder if the beaches really look like that. The answer is yes. Grenada has so many beaches, but instead of listing our favourite, we’ve picked out the most stunning beaches that will seriously take your breath away when you step foot onto one. Grenada is waiting for you so you better get that holiday booked ASAP. Continue reading

Top 5 Spas to Relax After a Day at Walt Disney World

relaxing at a spaIf you’ve previously experienced a holiday at Walt Disney World in Orlando, you most likely have experienced the painful feet, sore backs, and extremely tired body from having so much fun in the day. If you haven’t, trust us when we say that the days are long and tiring. When you relax down on your hotel bed and sigh thinking “I’m so glad I can rest now” is amazing, but what would be even more incredible is if you could indulge in a few Disney World spa services. Yep, that’s right, Disney has spas that are perfect for relaxing in after a long day at Walt Disney World. Continue reading

Water Sports and Activities in Dubai you should not miss

Flyboard Experience in Dubai

With copious amounts of things to do in Dubai, you can make your trip as relaxing or as an activity filled as you wish. Whether you want to take a trip to the Dubai beaches or visit one of the world-famous shopping malls, the options are endless. You might be thinking can Dubai possibly offer anymore? Yes, water sports, and a lot of them! Continue reading

Top Party Hotels to Hangout in Miami

Aerial Shot of Cleavelander Hotel in Miami

Fancy a party in Miami? The Florida city is known for its buzzing nightlife which is one of the reasons as to why this city is increasingly popular with tourists. With amazing nightclubs and fantastic party hotels , a holiday in Miami should definitely include some partying. We’ve got the top party hotels in Miami that you should definitely check into. Continue reading

Great Horseback Riding Adventures in Orlando

horseback riding in OrlandoIf you’re not fan of theme parks or have already done all the famous attractions but still love Orlando as a holiday destination, you’re probably thinking pondering what to do in Orlando besides theme parks. There are plenty of other activities outside of the tourist attractions that offer a fun and exhilarating time for all the family. A different holiday to Orlando is not hard to have, especially when there are plenty of places to go horseback riding in the area. Continue reading

Best Places to go Zip lining in Florida – Adventure Assured!

zip lining in FloridaWhether you’re taking a trip to Orlando, Miami, Tampa or anywhere else in Florida, your holiday adventure should definitely be zip lining or at least included in your itinerary. Not only will you get some beautiful views of Florida, you’ll also get the adrenaline pumping as you soar above the ground. We’ve got the best places to go zip lining in Florida so you can have a fun and exciting time with the family, let’s just hope you have a photographic memory because you’ll definitely want to save a picture of the view for future reminiscing.
Continue reading

5 Tips to look after your money whilst travelling

money and travelKeeping your money safe on holiday is always important. Losing your debit card, cheques or cash while abroad would be an absolute nightmare and turn your perfect holiday into a holiday from hell. Wherever you go and whoever you are with, we have some valuable money safety tips to help you look after your money whilst travelling. Continue reading

Animals you should not miss in the Everglades in Florida

Turtle at Everglades Florida

Turtle at Everglades

If you’re looking to make the most of your inner animal lover, Florida is the place to be. The destination has many fantastic aquariums, wonderful zoos and of course the Everglades National Park. A holiday full of nature in Florida can’t be complete without a trip to see the animals in Everglades and we’ve got a list of all the animals that you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for. Continue reading

Top 11 tips and advice when swimming with dolphins!

swimming with dolphinsSwimming with dolphins is on the majority of holiday-makers bucket list and we can’t blame them. The exciting activity is great for kids and adults and is definitely a memorable experience while on holiday anywhere in the world; however, if you don’t know what to expect it can also be nerve-wracking. We’ve got some tips and advice for swimming with dolphins in enclosures, parks or in the wild so you can have a fun and exciting experience. Continue reading

Cuba – A Hub for Celebrities!

The Cathedral of Havana

Welcome to the 21st century where celebrities jet off to the most unbelievable places and post photos onto social media, and we love it. A ridiculous amount of stars head to the Caribbean to enjoy some precious relaxation time, especially Cuba! It’s now your turn to visit Cuba and be like a celebrity and make your friends jealous of how luscious Cuba is… Continue reading