Attractions in Florida you might have not thought about visiting… but are worth it!

When you think of Florida tourist attractions, you probably think of Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and the other famous parks; however it’s not just theme parks in Orlando. A different holiday to Florida can be possible with so many unknown and unusual attractions in the Sunshine State. Holiday Genie has offered some ideas of hidden attractions you probably haven’t thought about visiting… but you’ll want to after reading this!

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Top Tricks that will make you save on food at Walt Disney World

Booking a Walt Disney Package holiday couldn’t be easier; however the hard part is creating your budgets. You will probably set aside a certain amount of dollars for food, and it will get harder as you realise you have the devil on your shoulder saying “try this food at Disney World Orlando”. Holiday Genie has come up with some top ways to save money on Disney World food.

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Romantic Hotels in Barbados you would like to go back to!

Whether you’re looking for the honeymoon in Barbados that you’ve dreamt of all your life, or simply looking for a romantic holiday for two on one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean; Barbados will cater for everyone. There are abundant of hotels on the island to choose from, some suitable for families, friends and of course couples. Holiday Genie has provided their recommendations of the romantic hotels in Barbados that will make your hearts flutter with love!

The Crane Resort in Barbados

The Crane Resort

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3 Days in Las Vegas? The perfect itinerary for a short break.

Many travellers avoid going long-haul for a short amount of time and 3 days in Vegas might seem like an impossible task. However, we are going to prove that you can absolutely enjoy a short break to Vegas in just 3 days. Whether it’s your first time to Las Vegas, looking for a short break or going to enjoy a twin-centre; Holiday Genie has put together the ultimate 3 day itinerary for Las Vegas!


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Top 7 things to do in Bali that locals also love!

It’s incredibly easy to fall in love with Bali from the images alone, and doing some of the exciting things in Bali that the locals also love doing will make you realise how much of an incredible destination the island really is. With plenty of great holidays to Bali and so many things to explore, see and do you’ll get to experience the best of Bali! We’ve selected some of the top things to do on the island.

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Kissimmee or International Drive? Where to stay when visiting Orlando!

Kissimmee or International Drive? It’s a question a lot of holiday-makers ask themselves when planning their upcoming Orlando holiday, but where is the best place to stay in the Sunshine State? Both destinations have their advantages and disadvantages; if you’re still struggling to decide where to stay, we think that calls for two holidays to Orlando so you can stay in both!

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Top Caribbean Islands to go with kids

We can’t think of a better idea than treating the kids to a trip to the Caribbean. The Caribbean Islands are well-known for their beaches and beautiful weather, but many families often over-look the vast variety of activities to do especially with your children. We’ve sifted through the islands and come up with the top family friendly Caribbean islands so you and your kids don’t have to miss out on the exciting holiday destination.

Jamaica Caribbean Island perfect with kids

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Desert Adventures in Dubai… 5 of the best!

The exciting metropolis is jam-packed with plenty of things to do, and with Dubai being located next to a huge desert, which means the opportunities are endless for your holiday adventure in Dubai. The real question is can you really experience the exciting city without trying any desert activities? We’ve found some of the best and most thrilling excursions in the Dubai desert that will be sure to get your heart racing.

4X4 Dubai Desert Safari

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How To Plan A Solo Trip Around The World

With Valentine’s approaching we know that many singles will either be buying copious amounts of food and love films, or out exploring… which one would you prefer? Fall in love with the world and treat yourself this Valentine’s and travel around the world! Travelling on your own takes a lot of planning, so we’ve got all you need to know about how to plan your solo trip around the world.

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Top 6 Beautiful Places to Propose

Valentine’s Day is just under a month away, and it is one of the most popular days for couples to get engaged and it is popular for a very good reason. It’s one of the most romantic days of the year so if you’re planning to ask your other half to marry you this year we’ve got the ultimate romantic way to propose. Take them to one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and pop the question. If you’re struggling for engagement ideas, we have found the top 10 beautiful destinations in the world to propose so you can start planning where to pop the question whilst on your Valentine’s holiday.

new york city break

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