Celebrate the Romance with a Sense of Adventure!

Valentine’s Day is a special day for many; with a lot couples offering one another gifts, organising something special and reminding their partners how much they are loved.

Whether you’re planning on booking a table at your loved one’s favourite restaurant, buying them something extra special or planning to just enjoy quality time with them… why not add adventure to your Valentine’s Day with a trip somewhere exciting?

on holiday on valentine's day

You could both escape to a beautiful over-the-water hut, somewhere where you can only hear the waves and the crystal clear ocean is at your fingertips…or maybe you fancy going somewhere more adventurous to explore a different culture on the other side of the world?

In celebration of this annual love event, Holiday Genie are providing breath-taking holidays for Valentine’s Day, so you can stop trailing the internet for hours deciding what to get your partner. There is a getaway to suit all couples, whether you are looking to pop the question while on holiday, get married, enjoy a honeymoon or just enjoy the each other’s company. All week long, our travel specialists will be on hand to help you plan your romantic and adventurous trip away.

woman enjoying the beach on holiday

Calling all singles – did you think we would leave you out? Don’t sit at home wondering why Valentine’s Day isn’t for you. Show yourself some love, go on an adventure around the world and fall in love with some of the most famous cities in the world.

So let’s raise a glass to love, whether that’s to your partner or the thought of travelling.

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Where to Enjoy the Best Views in New York

You most likely have seen the endless amount of photos that travellers take of the breathtaking skyline (even I’m guilty of this); if you haven’t be sure to check out Holiday Genie’s Facebook where we are always posting about the Big Apple! The views in New York are unbelievable, and a New York break should be experienced by everyone! Round every corner is a stunning view to be seen, so we’ve trailed the city to find some of the best views of New York City and where to go to witness them.

Top of the Rock

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Best Hotels in Orlando for Families on a Budget

Visiting Florida on a budget may seem impossible, especially if you’re looking to get one of the best hotels in Orlando for families. Don’t worry; there are plenty of budget-friendly hotels that are available in budget packages to Orlando so a dream holiday doesn’t need to be expensive. Start planning how you’ll tell the family that you’re visiting one of the most magical places in the world, because these are too good to miss!

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6 Tips to Enjoying Antigua on a Budget! It can be done!

A lot of people consider the Caribbean an expensive holiday, and whilst it can be, there are plenty of things to do on the islands for tiny budgets especially Antigua. Whether you’re planning to go to Antigua with kids, loved ones or friends, there are plenty of things to do on a budget and still have a fun and enjoyable holiday for everyone.

beach in antigua

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Restaurants around the World worth Travelling For!

We’ve already raved about the Michelin star restaurants in New York, so you can probably already guess that we do love a good foodie holiday (doesn’t everyone?) We’ve searched for the top 10 restaurants in the world that you absolutely must visit and chosen our favourites. You’ll definitely be inspired to travel the globe just to visit some of these Michelin stared and world-famous restaurants. However, reading this will be sure to make you hungry for travel and food!

Osteria Francescana Italy

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New Year, New Adventure: Discover More Of The World in 2017!

new year explore the world

The back-end of one year and the start of another is the time of reflection for many. As we continue through the journey of life, our list of wants and desires grow. Whether you are searching for your ideal home, aspiring to purchase your dream car or seeking that perfect promotion, individuals of all ages and walks of life can relate to this period as being one for positive transition.

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Best Budget Travel Destination Picks for 2017

With the end of a year it means it is the perfect time to start planning your travels in 2017. There are some top travel destinations that you don’t want to miss out on,  some more popular than others. We’ve carefully selected our recommendations for holiday destinations in 2017 that don’t break the bank too much! Your bank will love us, and so will you once you depart for your ultimate holiday and realise how brilliant these destinations are!

Visit Dubai

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9 Caribbean Islands with Great Nightlife

You wouldn’t think that the Caribbean would have great nightlife, but it does. The islands aren’t just beaches and sun, because as the sun goes down many of the islands begin to come to life and your Caribbean island holiday can be transformed into an unforgettable one thanks to the nightlife.

Of course, with the Caribbean being made up of plenty of islands, trying to decide which ones have the best nightlife in the Caribbean can be difficult, so here are our top recommendations.

aruba night time

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Top 6 Romantic Things to Do in Florida for Couples

Florida isn’t just for families looking to give their kids a once in a lifetime holiday in the theme park capital of the world. There are countless romantic things to do in Florida for couples visiting the Sunshine State. Whether you’re looking to get married, enjoy a honeymoon or simply treat yourself and your partner to a romantic holiday to Florida; there certainly are plenty of things to do.

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When is the best time to visit Dubai?

Dubai is a spectacular city, and one of the hardest tasks is trying to decide when the best time of the year is to go. Every traveller will base their decision on different factors, whether that is price, weather or the best time for shopping. Here are our recommendations of the best time to visit Dubai for you.

when to visit dubai

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